Opinions, opinions everywhere,

I wonder though how many fair?

Wonder who decides who is right,

Is their own future shiningly bright?

On the roads, there isn’t a single person in sight,

Each time one steps out, the cops show off their might;

Consigned to our homes we all are,

With little hope of going very far;

Each day I do the chores, there’s a muscle tear,

Cribbing, wailing and sobbing, I sit on the chair;

Waiting, waiting and some more waiting they say,

The calendar dates moving further away;

This time, they say is for looking inward and contemplation,

Could one expect such good from social isolation?

I look out of the window and notice the birds chirping with glee,

Would schools begin to admit children without a fee?

As the city suffers resource sparsity,

I notice around me, kindness and compassion in scarcity;

With each passing day, we near our grave,

In the meantime, how many lives can we save?