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Aishwarya Lakshman
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A good part of my growing up years was spent being overweight compared to my peers. Whether it was clothes, rides at theme parks or being too heavy to sit on someone’s lap or just eating as much as an adult- it surely was not easy. I struggled with it and was a shy kid. I think I did not actively do anything about it or recognize it as a major challenge atleast back then. When I look back though, I do realize how it held me back in so many ways.

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My parents were never harsh when it came to my weight issues but concerned well-wishers always were. There will always be a family member/ friend / neighbour/ schoolmate who will always have “well-meaning advice” to offer and remind you periodically about being a “fatty”. You can deny or escape it only so long. Either a beauty standard or a medical issue will push you to “get off the eating sabbatical”.

Today though, I do not want to focus so much on the issues as much as the lessons. Here goes:

There are always kind, truly well meaning people who maybe willing to listen without judgement. Trusting and confiding in such people can help.

Nobody can help you unless you recognize it yourself.

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Building futuristic scenarios where everything can seem a lot brighter without said challenge is helpful.

You may hate the means; the end is certainly rewarding.

Vengeance may not be ideal; is certainly a driving force.

Some part of you will always be that conscious (overweight) child. It will take some shedding (both emotionally and physically) to completely move on.

Your future self will be glowing from all the compliments you receive if you successfully overcome this challenge.

It’s a continuous journey; there are days you will fail. That is completely normal. Small disclosure here- personally, I saw everyone who advised me on my weight as an enemy. Maybe I have grown to become that person - for a simple fact that I would not want myself or anyone else dear to me to have to listen to what I did.

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P.S. Between working out and Cassata, I will still pick the latter any day. haha!

Hoping this helps anyone going through a similar challenging situation.

Sharing my story as part of a writing challenge.

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