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How many blog posts/Instagram posts have we all seen with those hashtags #feelinggrateful #gratitude?

Have you felt like rolling your eyes at those posts like me?

I would like to disclose that I have gone from being an atheist when it comes to gratitude practice to being an absolute bhakt.

Few highlights from my personal journey-

Approaching gratitude from a place of sympathy for others’ problems may not be an ideal starting point.

Feeling grateful for how far you’ve come — reflecting on major milestones and prominent struggles all along is a strong indication of growth.

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Something may feel small or insignificant. For a wonderstruck almost-thirty-year-old like me, gratitude can even include being grateful for a person smiling at me while welcoming me at a restaurant. Be sure to include little gestures, acts of kindness in your little gratitude journal or prayer everyday.

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During my growing up years of self doubt, there was this time one time I had a conversation with a family member about whether they ever wondered about having alternate physical attributes For eg. wanting to have a smaller nose/ an extra dimple/ longer hair etc. To which this person remarked, ‘At times like these I think to myself, life could’ve been a lot worse.. ’. A shift in perspective when we’re steeped in self-pity forms an integral part of feeling grateful.

For people who have meant well for me, I’ve always been grateful. For people who may not/ have not, I am grateful as well. Reminds you of the famous lines, ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you…’.

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The thing that tops the gratitude list is family. No ‘Thank You’s will do justice. Whether its filling a void, being the sole force to rely on during rough times or just being a source of stability, family is the ‘invisible hand’. Calls for #gratitude #feelinggrateful? Absolutely!

Let me know what works for you- journaling? a gratitude prayer of your own? Telling someone how you feel over the phone or in person?

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