8 Pop culture talk shows and podcasts that I enjoy!

Aishwarya Lakshman
3 min readOct 30, 2022


Are you a huge fan of interviews, chat shows and podcasts like me ?

An eclectic mix of Bollywood trivia, off-beat conversations with politicians, what’s hot on dating apps, musings of overthinkers, trends in social impact make it to the list of my pop culture favourites.

1.Koffee with Karan: From 21-year olds to 90-year olds, everyone’s hooked to the phenomenon “KJO”. Why not? The rapid-fire round, the unabashed jokes on people’s sex lives and all possible ‘Goss’ on Bollywood celebrities- this show’s been the obsession of many.

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2. Unfiltered by Samdish: For those of you who love politics, Samdish Bhatia’s quirky yet candid conversations with politicians among other celebrities is a riot. Almost getting under their skin yet bringing out their humane side in front of the camera, the guy almost always manages magic. Check out a personal favourite below.

3. What the Hell Navya: The special bond that women often share with their mothers and maternal grandmothers is not unheard of. To have members of one of the most celebrated film families discuss female friendships, issues affecting society and evolving media culture in the entertainment business is quite refreshing.

4. Breakfast with Champions: Not being an ardent follower of sports myself, I really enjoyed this chat show. It’s truly delightful to listen to unfiltered banter between Gaurav Kapur and celebrated cricketers/ coaches on crucial career milestones and other trivia off the field. Watch Virat Kohli, in a never seen avatar, from one of the earlier seasons to brighten up your day.

5. The Overthink Tank: For those of you who occasionally overthink or spend hours/ days overthinking some relatively mundane happenings in your life, comedian Surbhi Bagga and the guests on her podcast, shows us you’re not entirely alone. Haha! The host and guests collectively overthink red flags in relationships, texting lingo, sleep cycles, changing friendships post pandemic, risks of stalking associated with social media posting etc. in this podcast.

6. Bumble’s ‘Dating these days’ where people discuss their approaches to splitting bills on dates, body image issues and female friendships vs. romantic relationships etc. seems to have got the pulse. Multiple perspectives on questioning taboos and busting myths surrounding dating culture today make this a refreshing listen.

7. On the Contrary by IDR: For many of you who are curious about trends in the impact space, who are constantly thinking of issues that plague our time and how to achieve change at scale, this one’s for you. From tackling learning loss post pandemic to funding climate change, IDR’s podcast and ideas discussed by various thought leaders always piques my interest.

8.Rendezvous with Simi Garewal: The last one on the list may seem like a misfit. The conversation with the late, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa still remains one of the most inspiring interviews of the strongest women leaders in politics. Vulnerability in strong personalities has always had a special place in my heart and hence, this deserved a special mention.

P.S. To give you a little context, I am doing this for a 21 day writing challenge. Hoping for this process to bring about some discipline in the writer in me.

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