5 Truth Bombs about Overthinking


1.“Don’t over-think it” is easier said than done.

2.When you reply to an over-thinker, it’s probably just a few words strung together. To an over-thinker, it can read like tone, mood or even affection in those replies. “:)” for instance can be the most passive aggressive response.

3.Over-thinking makes for good writing.

4.Over-thinking will never have you accused of “You should have thought that through.” ’Cuz you know…

5.They have toothpaste for sensitive teeth and non-overthinking partners for sensitive overthinkers. Haha!

Sharing my personal story here as part of a writing challenge.

If you relate to this, tell me what you think (or over-think).

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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Aishwarya Lakshman

Seeking inspiration in the little things, amused by little things and over-thinking the little things